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The Awkwardness of Audible Romance Books

So this weekend L and I drove to Virginia and we listed to V.K. Powell's "About Face" on Audible. Oddly enough, I enjoyed this as an audible a bit more than I did when I read it.  Ok, fine when I read it with my eyes, I didn't post a review and I said "it was fine."  As an audible I liked it but also came to the following conclusion:  

"CAB, you're banned from reading or listening to romance novels for the foreseeable future... maybe forever."

Why you may ask? I'm jaded, I'm jaded and cynical and I liked the plot but got all hung up on the language.   Lately, I always get hung up in the language.  Who talks to the woman they love like characters do in a romance novel?  "My Love, I need you right now, shove your hands down my pants."  Fine I made that last bit up, but all the "My Love" this and "My Love" that is just too much for me.

I did discover that I can read a sex scene and not be embarrassed or horrified.  LISTENING to someone else NARRATE a sex scene.  Um, no.  I was blushing while driving and finally just started hitting the 30 second forward button. L actually asked what I was doing.  I think I said "I can't drive and listen to this."  So add prude to my list.  I really had no idea how awkward that could be but it took on an entirely different  dimension and I felt like I was listening to a bad porno.  BTW this is all me, the narrator did a fine job, but if I ever meet the narrator I want to ask how on earth she manages not to giggle with the dialogue and/or the descriptions of what is going on.  That or maybe the publisher should put together a blooper reel.  I'd listen to that.