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Abandoned, Life is Too Short With So Many other Books on my To Read

Burning Desire - Rachel Maldonado

I have a burning desire to abandon this book, and since life is too short and my to read list is to long, I am walking away. I made it to the 15% mark and had already said to myself "who talks this way?" one to many times. Seriously, Candi gets pulled from a fire by Suzanne and later that same day they are best buds. I don't care how traumatic the experience no one is going to be thinking about how "glad they are to have a friend so far from home" about a total stranger (10%)

Now, having said this, I suspect that if I was new to the lesbian genre I'd have read this entire story and enjoyed it; plus it was free on Kindle Unlimited. So hey, if you're new to reading lesbian stories, enjoy have fun. I'm sure this writer will get better with time.