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Another Winner from Georgia Beers

Run To You (Puppy Love Romance #2) - Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers definately did not let me down with this story. I found myself with this crazy smirk/grin throughout the entire story. I'm fairly certain that grin started with the phrase at the very end of chapter one "Snarky Gay Man was going to be so proud of her." The dialogue, whether internal or with another character just kept me engaged throughout. I'll admit that I liked Catherine's character in the 1st book but as a main character and combined with Emily Breckenridge's character just really made this enjoyable. So much so I am considering going back to re-read the 1st "Rescued Heart."

As a side note: I'd also like to be a fly on the wall for Easter dinner. That and someone really should punch Clark in the srotum. Oddly enough, I dislike him but he was written in a way that if he were to be the main character in a story, one where he gets his act together, I would read that too.


Can't wait for the next one, here's to hoping Jessica finds love