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Welcome to the Wallops - Gill McKnight

I picked this up based on the reviews of a couple of my friends.  I don't know that I would call this a "Romance" it felt more like a well written general fiction that threw a bit of romance into it.  Do you know what I loved about this? The language, I really liked that the author did not Americanize the conversations.  It made it more fun for me.  I'll admit that the main character "Jane" was a little flat for me.  I started out liking her and being interested in the character but then she seemed to move into the background. By that I mean, I didn't have strong feelings one way of the other for her.  Heck, sometimes her dog was more interesting.  Fortunately, the other characters were interesting and funny.   I especially liked Renata, Wendy, and Amanda.  Wendy was clueless in a weirdly endearing way and Renata quickly went from bitchy to interesting and engaging.  I'm pretty certain I'll be reading the next one "Wendy in Wallops"