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Midevil Knights and Things That Go Bumb in the Night

Abomination - Gary Whitta

For the life of me this took so long for me to read I can't remember what drew me to it in the 1st place.  The premis is that "priest" in the service of the King is attempting to create an army of killing machines.  Except to do this he uses some serios black magic and turns unwilling men into "Abominations."


This is not what I would classify as an easy beach read, those for me tend to be light reading and this story was fairly detailed and a little slow paced at the beginning.  It held my attention through the 1st 30% but then I found myself struggling to stay enagaged so I put the book down for several months.  Later I picked it back up, because this was not a book I hated and wanted to just abandon.  Needless to say I am happy I did, because the story got much more engaging at the 50% mark and then I found I really wanted to see how it ended.