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Kisscut - Karin Slaughter

I'm not sure where to begin.  I don't want to say I liked the story, because it's horrifying and it's like walking out of the movies having seen "The Silence of the Lambs" and saying "Wow what a great movie."


Here's the thing.  I was engaged but there were things that bothered me about this story and part of the things that bother me are carryovers from the first book.   In the first there were some pretty big issues left outstanding regarding Jeffrey and his police force.  Frankly, I assumed that there would have been some mention, even in passing regarding the resolution of that.  Nope, it's like it never happened.  The good thing, you could pretty much read this book as a standalone and the only thing you would miss is some of Lena's back story.


My other issue is that the main characters (Sara, Jeffrey, and Lena) are so flawed that as a reader I want to climb into the story and smack them.  That being said, I find Sara the most likeable but it really bothers me that the author hasn't found a way for Sara and Lena to connect positively.  They don't have to be friends but I find the animosity tiresome. 


Then there is Jeffrey who has his moments when he's a good guy, but mostly he's self centered and self absorbed.  Then as if that wasn't bad enough he has some sexist and degrading thought about Sara and you just want to punch him in the face. Twice.



Speaking of Jeffrey, seriously, how can Sara and he get back together?????  Unless book 3 in the series involves Sara murdering Jeffrey.

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