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Night Mare - Franci McMahon

Night Mare by Fanci McMahon

This story revolves around a horse theft/insurance fraud ring and I was really looking forward to a new kind of criminal mystery  and I was not familiar with this author.  Now, I can say that I liked the book because it was "OK" and I managed to finish the story without feeling the need to abandon it.  However, if I'm honest part of the reason I was able to finish the story was because I was hoping I was completely wrong about who the bad guys were and that there just HAD to be some plot twist because the "heroine"  couldn't possibly be so blind.  Yeah, no.  Blind, blind, blind.  Three Blind Mice Blind.

Beyond that, here's what I personally found troubling.  Early on in the story there is mention of Jane Scott being a Quaker and it's pretty strongly implied that this is a key element of her character.  Here's my problem.  The author implies that this is important, or maybe I infer it.  Either way, there really are no details provided as to

1) Why it's important or

2) What the heck a Quaker is except they are not to be confused with the Amish and

3) What does being a Quaker bring to the story? 

Seriously, I haven't in clue, except it made me feel like I was missing some vital piece of information about Jane.  So much so that I double checked to make sure that there wasn't a book prior to this one.  There wasn't.  Then there was the sort of romance thrown in between Jane and Miles.  I was ok with that too, but then the end of the story left me both puzzled and unsatisfied.  I felt like I was left hanging and not in the good way where I think "Oh God I hope there is another book so I can find out what's going to happen next."  For me the characters were developed just enough so I could finish the book and go, ok that was nice but I don't have any desire to find out what happens next in any of the characters lives.