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Another Enjoyable Read by Lynn Galli

Clichéd Love: A Satirical Romance - Lynn Galli

I admit it, I'm a sucker for Lynn Galli books so when I got an email that this one had been released I immediately bought it.  I like her books.  I like her easy style of writing.  I tend to like the main characters.  I also enjoy the fact that characters from prior stories tend to pop up in current ones.  When they do they are in a supporting role and don't detract or distract from the main story, but it's fun to catch a glimpse of characters I've enjoyed and liked.


In this particular story the three main characters are Iris, Vega, and Lane.  Vega is a free lance journalist who is writing about how couples met and fell in love.  Oh, and she's pretty cynical and I could completely relate to her mental snark as some of the women talked about their love stories.   


My favorite line in the book was "Adorable did not fit a thirty-something woman who looked like she'd been around the block so many times she couldn't remember which house was hers anymore."  I'm fairly certain the people on the plane thought I was insane as I was laughing to myself.


It's during these love story interviews where a number of past characters show up. They provide some color and a backdrop to the main story and I was reminded of their quirks and in some instances how annoying they could be as in "if I was friends with them I would have smacked them".


Once again I was not disappointed with the final product.  This is an easy, enjoyable read with interesting and likeable characters.  My only complaint, which is the same every time I read one of Lynn Galli's books: Now I have the urge to go back and re-read some of my favorites of hers and I have so many other "To Read" on my list, but I know I'll be re-reading "Finally" and "Life Rewired" again.  This means I'll also probably re-read "Mending Defects"