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Forsaken - Laydin  Michaels

First let me say I picked up this book because I thought it was a crime mystery/thriller with lesbian characters.  I tend to think there aren't enough of in that genre so when I encounter it, I try to support it.  That being said, this story actually started out more "romancey".  Yes I made up my own word.  


Anyway,  the story started a little slow because the author was giving us some background on the main characters and there were two story lines running.  Around the 25% mark the story-lines converge and we finally have the "crime."  This is where the book got interesting for me and I got sucked into the action and the characters.  There are also some things that happen in the story that made me wonder what would happen in real life.  The main character Blake has a social anxiety disorder which can and does cause her to have panic attacks.  Although, I don't want to spoil anything, there are a couple of situations she ends up in where I couldn't help but wonder if she wouldn't have completely freaked out.  Hell, I don't have an anxiety disorder and I'm pretty sure I would have.  Questions aside the crime aspect is solved around the 95% mark and we're dropped right back into the romance. 


Now, I know this is just me, but I would have been happier without any of the romance aspect of this book.  I think the author did a really good job with the intrigue and keeping me engaged in the manhunt, and the characters.  However, I think it could have been an even better story without the stereotypical girl meets girl, goes on a couple of dates and declares their undying love.  Do people really do that?  Maybe, I'm just old and unromantic but I find too many of the conversations that happen in romances in general, cringe worthy.  Seriously, who calls their romantic partner "Dearest" unless they are being sarcastic and/or looking to get slapped upside the head?


All this aside I gave it 3 stars, it would have been higher but hey, I'm not all that romantic.