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Fragile is an apt title

Fragile - Eve Francis

I think this is the authors first full length novel. in 2015 I read one of her short stories that was in an anthology and I really loved it.  As a result, I was pretty excited about the prospect of a longer story.  


So I started reading Fragile with somewhat high hopes, and in the 1st couple of chapters we're introduced to some potentially interesting and very diverse characters: Landon is a Transgender man and best friends with the main character Carly.  Then there's Carly's younger sister, who wants to be a roller derby star, Ashley her love interest, her bigoted mother Jillian, and her great aunt Dorothy.


Needless to say the story feels really character driven with the reader being taken for the somewhat slow and painstaking process of Carly getting a grip on her life.   It's weird because I almost feel like the story was hurt by the fact that (a) The main character was not very interesting and (b) the secondary characters had the potential to add so much more to the story but the author only scratched the surface. 


I'd go so far as to say that Landon was in the story for the sole purpose of driving home Jillian's closed mindedness, and other than showing that Carly had responsibilities Cynthia was a throw away character as well because when you remove the need for Landon, you also remove the need for Cynthia.  At about the 60% mark the story got more interesting because we finally started to get more glimpses into what was going on with Ashley and we saw Carly's relationship with her Great Aunt Dorothy.  


Ultimately, I'd say this book was just ok, but I would give this author another shot if she came out with something else.