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Someone really needed a beta reader

Music of the Soul - Erik Schubach

I started out thinking that the premise of the story was interesting and although I found myself rolling my eyes at the dialogue between Mandy and Ana, and Mandy and herself I would have given this a couple of stars for being and ok beach read.


Then I got to the 40% mark of the e-book and it was like whomever was proofreading/editing the book quit. I tend to bleep right past an occasional typo but between the 40% and the 80% mark I found no less than 25 errors. Yes, I counted/highlighted them which is lucky because if it hadn't become a game for me I would have abandoned this book well before the end. The typical issues were incorrect words or missing words in sentences:
"...judging by the rocks full of costumes"
"One I was in my dressing room..."


There were also the couple of weird transitions. By that I mean, Mandy is having a conversation with someone and then suddenly its either an entirely different person she's speaking with or it's an entirely different location and she's talking to herself. My assumption is Mandy either had a major break with reality or there was at least one missing paragraph. I'll go with the missing paragraph because in one instance the sentence literally was incomplete and not just in the grammatical sense.

I was however, very entertained at the end of chapter 9 with the random switch in font style and size that continued until midway through chapter 10.


I don't mind spending money on a book it turns out that maybe I didn't love, but seriously I could have read free fanfiction that had a better beta reader.