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Snow White Must Die

Snow White Must Die - Nele Neuhaus I would have given this story 5 stars except that I found the story incredibly slow and painful for the first 4 chapters. Some of the difficulty was a result of the sheer number of characters that were being introduced and trying to keep track of how things connected. Initially, I started reading this story months ago but I had to put it down because I just couldn’t get absorbed into the story. Earlier this week I picked it back up because I finally felt up for a complex mystery. Let’s just say that I am very happy I gave this story another go and didn’t give up on it permanently. Maybe it was the mental break or maybe it really was that after the 4th chapter the story really started to pick up in pace and got interesting. I read the rest of this story in just a few days and every time I thought I knew who was in on the murders 11 years ago and who was behind the recent missing persons, I was wrong. Then even near the end when I was right… I still didn’t have the motive.

I can see that I will look for another book in the Bodenstein & Kirchhoff series.