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The Salbine Sisters

The Salbine Sisters - Sarah Ettritch I think if the bookgroup had not recommended this book it would never have made it to my "to read list" and then I would have missed out on a well written and interesting story.

I have no idea what century this story was based in but it has horses, swords, magic, and women who are intelligent, strong and capable: the last bit being the most important for me personally.

Here’s the thing with this book, I don’t think you have to be someone who reads “fantasy” type books to enjoy this one. The magic or elemental portion of the story is an important factor but it’s not the main factor. Ultimately, the story revolves around Maddy and the fact that her faith has been shaken and her struggle to figure out her place in the world and her struggle with her religious beliefs. Within that is the relationships between the characters of Maddy, Lillian, and eventually Emmey.

I really enjoyed these characters and the author’s process for making the characters grow and in my opinion; to each be more brave.

My only disappointment is that that it appears there is no sequel for this story.