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Bleeding Out

Bleeding Out - Baxter Clare I'd really give this a 4.5 out of 5

The story takes place in L.A. and right from the very first page the reader is introduced to Frank and her Detectives as they investigate a homicide. The story is written in a way that reminds me of several TV shows. There is a central crime being investigated but there continues to be lots of other activity and investigations going on in the periphery which makes the storyline seem more realistic.

Frank is a very complex character, who the reader quickly realizes has a lot of issues, some of which stem from the death of her partner. As the story progresses and Frank searches for the identity of a serial rapist/murderer you also realize that as the reader you are only getting a glimpse of what drives her and you definitely want to find out more.

As for the bad guy, more than once I found myself cringing at just out twisted the guy is and there is this tiny (very tiny) thread of sympathy because you get glimpses of how this guy was “made”.
This was a very satisfying read if you like Crime novels I would definitely recommend it. I know I will be reading the next in the series which I believe are as follow:
I believe these are the next in the series:

Street Rules
Cry Havoc
Last Call
End of Watch