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Storms - Gerri Hill The Summary on the back of the book:
“Estranged for years from her father and four brothers after her mother’s death, Carson Cartwright is surprised when she gets a phone call from her twin brother, urging a reconciliation before their father succumbs to his final illness. Though she has spent more than a decade trying to forget her family existed, she is suddenly pulled back to the Montana ranch where she grew up.
Carson discovers her brothers divided over plans to change the working ranch into a guest ranch, and their consultant, Kerry Elder, doesn’t seem above using her wiles to get her way. Kerry finds that while she may have her clients right where she wants them, it’s the wayward sister that may be awakening something she has long denied.”

Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
When we are first introduced to Carson we find a woman who has been leading a “playgirl” kind of life: traveling the world but never forming any lasting/strong relationships. Despite, having never been “in love” her father’s betrayal and abandonment taught her to keep her emotions out of relationships. Love only brings pain. We follow Carson back to the family ranch at her brother’s request. Here we meet a wildly dysfunctional and emotionally stunted group of brothers which leads to some interesting interactions between Carson, Kerry, and Carson’s brother Cody.