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Hell's Highway

Hell's Highway - Gerri Hill Product Description:
“FBI Agents Cameron Ross and Andrea Sullivan found the unexpected when they met amongst the warm red rocks and cliffs of Sedona—each other. That commitment, along with their ingenuity, courage and resolve, will be tested along the most barren of stretches in California’s Mojave Desert.

Someone is using the bleak highways to dump women’s bodies. But in a landscape where an inviting road can curve into a sand-choked mirage, and a true oasis can be invisible under a white-hot sun, clues can blow away in the wind.

In this sequel to Devil’s Rock, Gerri Hill pits two remarkable women against the harsh and bitter desert and an implacable killer.”

I didn’t think it was possible but I liked this book even more than the first, “Devil’s Rock”. Agent Cameron Ross feels more real in this story. The character has smoothed out a bit. That’s not to say that the character is not edgy and interesting, but more along the lines that her personality is more well rounded. My guess is that is a direct reflection of the relationship between the two characters Cameron Ross and Andrea Sullivan. As the reader I was completely absorbed in their search for the serial killer and what would happen next.

I can only hope that this turns into a full blown series.