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High Hopes Farm

High Hopes Farm - Maree Kenneally First I should point out that I’m pretty sure this is a self-published book and in many ways that colors my opinion because I think it takes a lot of effort to put a book together and to do that on your own is pretty impressive. At least to me.

The story itself was pretty good, not great but I enjoyed reading it and frankly that’s more than ½ the battle. Could it have been a great story? Absolutely! The premise was interesting and the characters were as well. I think where it fell short for me was with the character Dylan. The story seemed to be setting him up as the character who could have been used to add an element of suspense into the story. He comes across as a bigoted drunkard who would stoop to any level to hurt Kate, but then the story never takes advantage of that. Then again, maybe that’s just the mood I was in where I wanted the women of the story to not only be successful but to kick some ass too.

Would I recommend it, sure it’s an easy pleasant read and if I came across another of her stories I would give that a try if for no other reason than to see Maree Kenneally’s style develop.