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Cold to the Touch

Cold to the Touch - Cari Hunter If you are a fan of crime/thrillers and you haven't purchased this book yet, stop what you are doing and order this one. This is the second book featuring Sanne and Meg, the 1st is "No Good Reason.". Although, you could read this one without having read the 1st I'd suggest reading them in order just because you will get a better feeling for the main characters personality's.
That being said, I think this story is Cari's best one to date. Once I picked this one up I couldn't put it down. The character development was good and felt like it was appropriate for the timing between the 1st and 2nd book. I also, really enjoyed the pacing of the story(s) and would not have guessed how this was going to end.
This really was a fun, engaging read.