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A Table For Two

A Table For Two - Janet Albert The product Description from Amazon:

“Ridley Kelsen is convinced she's not destined to find love. The singles scene is old and dating is terribly disappointing. Her closest friend tells her that love comes along when you least expect it and the very last thing Ridley expects when she accepts an invitation to join her friends for dinner, is that she will meet the most beautiful creature she's ever laid eyes on. Will this turn out to be yet another disappointment? Dana De Marco moves to Philadelphia after her dreams for the future are unexpectedly shattered. Her new restaurant, Café De Marco is located on the city's famous South Street and has opened to rave reviews. It seems as if the pieces of her life are finally falling into place, except for one minor detail...she's unable to let go of the past. The last thing Dana expects is that she's about to meet someone who will force her to face her demons head on. Does she have the courage to open her heart and love again?”

Let’s just say that I when I was reading this book I was overheard saying all too often “Oh come on… who talks like that?” or “You’ve got to be kidding me.” This does not fall into the category of “I couldn’t read this book” but it definitely gets classified as one of those stereotypically romance novels with the tacky covers. Mindless beach reading where I was grateful that it was only a $2.00 book