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Nightshade  - Michelle Rowen Summary
Jillian Conrad is working as a temp in an investment firm in San Diego. On this particular day she makes a coffee run for herself and some co-workers. Unfortunately, when she returns she gets caught in between a mad scientist and a gunman, Declan, who sent to retrieve a secret formula.

The scientist uses Jillian as a human shield and just before Declan kills him, the scientist, the scientist injects Jillian with the only remaining sample of the serum. Jillian quickly finds herself the unwilling companion of Declan who is bringing her to his father in an attempt to salvage the serum.

Jillian quickly finds herself a fight for her life. If the serum, or Declan don’t kill her, then the vampires who want to destroy it will.

SciFi/Paranormal Romance

This is the first book in what appears to be a two part series. The two main characters are Jillian and Declan but there are also a number of interesting supporting characters and frankly it’s difficult at times to tell the good guys from the bad guys. After reading this one I had to pick up the second in the series and read that as well.