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Bloodlust - Michelle Rowen This is the follow up to Nightshade and picks up where the last one left off. The author continues to develop the relationship between Jillian and Declan. Jillian continues to try and survive another day trying to fight off the effects of the Nightshade poison and avoid being killed by the Vampires who find her scent irresistible because of the Nightshade.

What I found intriguing about the continued story was my complete inability to get a handle on the motives of Declan or Matthias (the Vampire King). It’s been my experience that even with well written, complex characters the author let’s you see their intent when they are acting in a particular manner that is somewhat unexpected. What I found with these characters is that they would do things that were unexpected and often I was unable to identify if the unexpected behavior was a glimpse of their true character or if it was an act. This was especially true when trying to figure out either Declan or Matthias’ motives for certain actions.

Again this was a very good book, I’m hoping that the author comes out with another in this series.