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Harmony - Karis Walsh Product Description from the Boldstrokes Website

Sometimes conformity and control are only shields, and all it takes is the right woman to shatter the illusions forever.

Andrea Taylor craves peace in her life, no matter what the personal sacrifice. She arranges her career as a violist, her relationships with family and friends, and even her love life so she can avoid strife at all costs. Everything is going according to plan until she meets Brooke Stanton the night before Brooke’s wedding rehearsal and her ordered existence falls apart.

When Brooke hires a string quartet to play at her rehearsal dinner, she doesn’t expect to meet a woman who threatens the security of her already predetermined future. Suddenly she has doubts about the conventional path she has chosen and desires she can no longer ignore.

In an eclectic neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, these two women face a life-altering decision—will they fight the attraction that threatens their carefully structured lives or take a chance on finding the harmony only love creates?


First off let me say that this is a romance novel and as such it follows the typical romance formula. It is definitely light reading, but it’s a romance novel, it’s supposed to be light and have a happy ending. I can’t tell you how many pages it is because Kindle doesn’t tell me. I can tell you that:

I enjoyed the story.

I was able to walk away from the story for reasonable amounts of time (work called) but I looked forward to picking the book back up.

I read it in 7 hours.

If/when the author comes out with another story I’ll give that story a try as well.

One last note, I believe that this is Karis Walsh’s first book. However, it did not have that typical first romance novel feel to it. That’s a compliment.