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Imagining Reality (Special Edition)

Imagining Reality (Special Edition) - Lynn Galli Product Description:
“Considered Charlottesville’s most eligible lesbian, Jessie Ximena has recently grown tired of that status and has stopped dating entirely. She’d rather focus on the important things in life like her job, her family, and her friends. There will always be plenty of time for relationships when she feels like jumping back into the fray. If she finds someone to hold her interest, that is.

Lauren Aleric has been searching for Ms. Right since she began dating, but no one has yet filled the role. Her friends think that she’s too much of a romantic mush to settle. She wishes she could be more like her good friend Jessie, who seems perfectly happy dating casually. But mostly, she wishes she could be like her best friend, Austy, who’s just found her forever love.

Imagining Reality is the story of these two friends and how they discover that what they’re both looking for isn’t as far apart as they might think.”

This is the second book in the Virginia Series and of the entire series. This is primarily Jesse’s story and I’d have to say that she is definitely one of my favorite characters. On the surface she is a woman who is self centered and not looking for any type of commitment. Even her friends act as if she is nothing more than the image she projects because they don’t take the time to step back and notice that things have changed.