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Redemption - DeJay Summary on the Back of the Book:
“Architect, Mackenzie Taylor will tell you she's married, that love transcends eternity, and vows are meant to be honored. She builds homes through her business, helps to rebuild lives through her volunteer work at a women's crisis center and strives to build self-esteem in children with special needs as sponsor and coach of Team Bella. What she can't rebuild is her family. The deaths of her wife, Isabella and their daughter, Bella, haunt her every breath. While she attended a business meeting they were kidnapped and senselessly murdered. The guilt is all encompassing.
Emily O'Brien, a widow, and straight, arrives in town to open KK's Book Emporium. She lives in the apartment above the store where she struggles to make a new life for herself and her orphaned grandchildren.
Renee McVee's partner, Emily's daughter, was killed by a drunk driver, on the way to pick up her children from school. Renee's response to her grief is to drown her sorrows.
Redemption takes a gritty look at domestic violence and how it influences the lives of these three women and how they learn to deal with the devastating fallout. It is also a story of love, old and new. It answers the question: is it possible to love again?”


We picked this book up while we were in P-Town for Women’s week. Partially because it looked like it could be an interesting read; but also because it was the authors 1st published book and we wanted to be supportive, and finally because I’m always interested in finding new authors who I can read.
I was about ½ way through the book when I realized that is does not suffer from what I refer to as “1st bookitis.” I’m sure it’s happened to you. You’re reading a book and you start saying to yourself “This has to be the authors 1st book” because it lacks a certain maturity in the writing. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad book, it just means that you know/hope the next will better.
The storytelling is redemption is complex and well written, but not confusing. The main character Mackenzie is a shell of a person who has lost so much in her life that she’s not really living at all. The author allows us to see Mackenzie’s pain, the process of dealing with her grief and her eventual need to start living again.
Not only would I recommend reading this book, I’ll be keeping my eye out for DeJay’s next one.