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L.A. Metro

L.A. Metro - R.J. Nolan Product Description

“Lesbian Fiction - Romance - Dr. Kimberly Donovan's life is in shambles. After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her. Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and LA Metropolitan Hospital.
Dr. Jess McKenna, LA Metro's Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons.
When Kim and Jess meet, the attraction is immediate. Emotions Jess has tried to repress for years surface. But her interest in Kim also stirs dark memories.
They settle for friendship, determined not to repeat past mistakes, but secretly they both wish things could be different. Will the demons from Jess's past destroy their future before it can even get started? Or will LA Metro be a place to not only heal the sick, but to mend wounded hearts?”

We meet Dr. Kimberly Donovan as she starts her first day working at LA Metro in the Pysch department. Dr. Jess McKenna is the head of the ER at LA Metro. To say that these women have trust issues is an understatement but it’s also what makes this story a fun read. They don’t fall immediately into the head over heels romance that so often happens. They earn each others’ respect and friendship first. It’s a slow progression and the reader gets to see what the characters are thinking and feeling as the move towards friendship and beyond. The character development is interesting and worth watching as the story unfolds.