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Mending Defects

Mending Defects - Lynn Galli Product Description From Amazon.com
“Life in a small town can be tricky. Laid-back Glory Eiben learned long ago that keeping personal information and opinions to herself goes a long way toward staying hassle free in her chosen home town. Much adored by the residents, she’s maintained the life she’s always wanted with good friends, close family, and a successful career. For someone with a rare congenital heart defect, this life is more than she could have hoped for.

Leaving behind big city excitement, a demanding position, and a failed relationship, Lena Coleridge thinks this small ski town may be exactly what she needs to come back from her wit’s end. She didn’t think that job politics or social landmines would exist in such a small town. Keeping to herself won’t be an option with these nosy locals. It doesn’t help that she lives next door to one of the more popular residents who seems too easy going and nice to be true. Friendship is inevitable, but as she gets to know Glory, friendship isn’t the only thing on her mind. After her last relationship, Lena doesn’t want anything to do with another complication, and dating her neighbor could definitely get complicated.”

Review: 4 out of 5 Stars

Once again Lynn Galli does not disappoint with her writing. Even the supporting characters are interesting, but what really hooked me were the porch front conversations between Glory and Lena. Glory has Lena pegged from the beginning on so many levels. She understands what makes this woman tick, and it bugs Lena that she is so easily read by Glory. The fantastic thing is that the reverse is true as well and the reader gets to watch the crazy making unfold into friendship and then much more.

The only semi-negative thing I can say about this book is that I read it much too quickly (6 hours). I think that was in part because I couldn’t put the book down without knowing what happened next. At the same time I wish it was longer so that I could have continued to read. I’ll just have to wait for her next one.