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Santa Olivia

Santa Olivia - Jacqueline Carey Let me quickly state that this is not a typical “werewolf” story. I certainly can’t claim to know the author’s intent for latching onto that claim other than to provide some context for Loup’s extraordinary abilities. Having said that; the story is very well written and was a pleasure to read. It starts a little slow introducing the reader to “Outpost 12”, which is a military zone that acts as a buffer between the United States and Mexico following the outbreak of an epidemic in Mexico. The people of Outpost 12 are no longer considered US citizens and are completely isolated.

As the reader I found myself cheering for Loup and the other orphans as they take what little action they can to provide justice for one of their own and unwittingly provide hope for the town in the vestige of ghostly miracles. The Santitos (the orphans) are a wonderful cast of characters who all add value and insight into the main character and again I couldn’t help but like them all.

Prior to this story I had not read anything by Jacqueline Carey, but I was thrilled to find out that there is another book that continues Loup’s story.