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96 Hours

96 Hours - Georgia Beers I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia Beers in PTown during women’s week. She was promoting 96 Hours. As a good rule of thumb I will read anything that she puts out because I like her as an author. However, and this is a big “however” I really couldn’t foresee that I would read this one. In fact, I told her that there was really no way that I would be able to read it. Using 9/11 as a backdrop for a story is pretty brave, but I know that I personally still get incredibly emotional even discussing 9/11 so I couldn’t imagine putting myself in a situation where I would willingly read a story that revolves around those events. Thus, the avoidance began. Except it keeps popping up in my recommended to read lists and finally someone I know on Goodreads wrote a review that they liked it. So, I decided to suck it up and be brave and read it.

I read the book yesterday and yes there were several spots that made me cry; the brief recounts of the planes striking the towers and the aftermath. Thank God I was smart enough to read it when I was not suffering from PMS or I might have shorted out my Kindle. Having said that, I think Georgia Beers handled the book in a way that lets the reader understand the events that throws Erica and Abby together without overwhelming them. The best description I can say is that she handled it sensitively while letting the characters work through the tragedy and make connections to each other and the people around them.

I’m glad that I read the book. I liked how Georgia Beers handled the characters and how they were changed by the events. It felt real and relatable because I don’t know anyone who was not changed by those events in large and small ways. Would I recommend other people read it, absolutely, with a small caveat: if you were in or near NYC on 9/11 maybe read it with a box of tissue, a glass of wine, and when you are not PMSing.