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Pennance - Clare  Ashton The main character Lucy is struggling with an incredible amount of grief and guilt over the death of her partner Jake in an automobile accident. These emotions tend to manifest as crippling anxiety. Plus for the reader you are never quite sure if she has lost her mind or if she is actually seeing and interacting with Jake’s ghost.

Eventually, we are introduced to the new neighbor “Karen” who is dealing with her own issues but the two women begin to form a friendship that strengthens both women, emotionally.

Initially, when I started reading the story I found the flow a little confusing. I suspect it was related to my getting hung up on the ghostly portion of the story and trying to figure out what was “real”. However, I quickly found myself adjusting to the style and relaxing into the actual characters and their development. There is also a healthy mix of mystery/danger throughout to keep the reader intrigued.

This was a very good book, a bit quirky and I’m hoping to see more from this author, self published or otherwise.