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Snake Skin

Snake Skin - C.J. Lyons This was not a book that I couldn’t put down. However, it was definitely a book that I wanted to finish and really enjoyed reading. I can’t tell you the last time I read a really well written female lead in a main stream novel. Lucy Guardino is a captivating character who is strong, determined and yet humanly flawed without falling into the stereotypical “alcoholic” police lead. I liked that. I liked her interaction with both her husband and her daughter. I also liked that she’s respected within her FBI team.

Other things I enjoyed:
I didn’t know who the villain was until the author wanted me to know and even after that I wasn’t quite sure what would happen next.

I liked that I hated the TV reporter Cindy. The only thing that disappointed me was that Lucy did not kick Cindy’s ass. Maybe that happens in the next book.

I really like that there IS a next book: Blood Stained