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Solitaire - Kelley Eskridge Product Description from Amazon

“Ren "Jackal" Segura is a Hope -- a special child, a powerful symbol of a new world government destined for greatness. But two months before she is to assume the role she has been preparing for her entire life, Jackal discovers that everything she believes, everything she is, is a lie. Convicted of a terrible crime, she agrees to participate in a "rehabilitation" experiment: While her body lies comatose for eight months, a computer will convince her mind that she is spending eight long years in solitary confinement. But Jackal's history as a Hope has given her strengths and skills other prisoners lack -- powers she will need to endure the tormenting loneliness, to discover the truth about her betrayal, and to rediscover her life, her love, and her soul in a strange place of shattered hopes and new beginnings called Solitaire.”

This is definitely not a beach book. It requires concentration and thought when reading so if you are looking for something fluffy and easy, this probably isn’t it. However, if you are looking for something different and more psychological this could be the book for you. My best guestimate is that the first 2/3 of this book introduces the reader to the main character “Jackal” and what we see is a young, angry, woman who is under a lot of pressure to be perfect. After an accident kills 400+ people she is labeled a mass murder and sentenced to prison. In exchange for a shorter sentence she enters an experimental program where she is in a virtual reality of solitary confinement for 8 years. It’s after she gets released from “prison” that the story really gets interesting, Jackal is dealing with the after effects of both the solitary confinement and the “aftershocks” of the experiment. As the reader there was more than one moment where I wondered what was actually real, did Jackal get out of prison or is everything she is experiencing a hallucination.