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Deception - Erin O'Reilly Book Description From Amazon
“Lane Cuthbert knew exactly where she wanted to go and what she had to do to get there. Her goal was to challenge the network legal gurus for their positions but first, she needed a juicy scandal or murder. What she found was a beautiful woman with a secret in need of a lawyer. When the sheriff charges beautiful and wealthy Bryce Clayton with the murder of her nemesis Preston Garrett, Lane sees her chance at fame. The only problem is, Bryce won’t say where she was at the time of the murder. Although Lane is able to discredit many of the district attorney’s witnesses, she still has a problem – the alleged murder weapon belongs to Bryce. Through twists and turns, the trial reveals secrets that people wished to keep private. Can Lane convince the jury of her client’s innocence or will Bryce pay the ultimate price for her silence? Deception is the pretext that allows secrets to flourish and allows murderers to conceal the truth. A shocking revelation is approaching with a vengeance, and all that stands in its way will be eradicated. Both women are on a collision course to a passion they cannot fight, to a love they cannot ignore, to an ending that will change everything.”

This was really an interesting book, in part because the neither of the main characters are completely likeable. Bryce whose been accused of murder is portrayed as a highly intelligent woman with a temper who gets what she wants. However, the reader also gets glimpses of a confused and socially awkward individual. It creates an interesting juxtaposition. On the other hand, Lane is the defense attorney who has mapped out her entire life and everything she does is a step toward her goal of being famous. She comes across as being manipulative and self-serving with occasional bouts of compassion. As the story progresses I started to like aspects of the characters while still disliking other areas, which I would say can be pretty true in real life.
What I think I enjoyed most about this story was the murder mystery. There were several times where I was sure I knew who was responsible and the story definitely ended in an unexpected way that still leaves me guessing. Usually this type of ending would frustrate me, but I suspect what will really happen is I will end up going back to re-read the story to see what clues I may have missed.