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Possessing Morgan

Possessing Morgan - Erica Lawson Product Description from Amazon
“New York City, in the height of summer. Crime seems to have taken a holiday, and Detective Morgan O'Callaghan is bored, bored, bored. Paperwork is mating and multiplying on her desk, and even a jaywalker is starting to look good. Anything to get her out from behind her desk!

Enter Andrea Worthington, Charleston socialite and all-around rich girl, right down to the wealthy fiancé. She's also the new Assistant District Attorney assigned to Morgan's precinct.

Their first meeting is like two freight trains crashing head on. Then a high profile, career make-or-break murder case throws them together again. The investigation has barely begun when Andrea becomes the target of a nearly fatal hit-and-run. But was it really aimed at her? Can she and Morgan find the common ground they need to solve the case and stop the attacks, or are the gaps just too wide to bridge?”

Entertaining and engaging but not one that requires a lot of effort. Andrea Worthington, comes from a wealthy family and has moved from Charlotte NC to NYC to be the new ADA, in part because of the job, but also to escape her overbearing mother and family expectations. Andrea and Detective Morgan O’Callaghan are thrown together during the investigation of a high profile murder that isn’t quite as straightforward as it might seem. Things get complicated as Morgan and Andrea’s relationship grows and then is further complicated by an attempt on Andrea’s life.
This is definitely a good beach book. I’m sure I could find things about this book that I didn’t like, but the reality is it was an enjoyable easy read and for what I was looking for this weekend. That was enough.