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Night Hunt

Night Hunt - L.L. Raand Product Description
“Niki Kroff has one mission in life--to lead Sylvan Mir's elite guard and protect the wolf Alpha's life. When Lara, another of the centuri, becomes a Vampire in the course of saving Sylvan's life, Niki is assigned to protect her during her transition. Removed from Sylvan's guard, Niki struggles to find her place in the Pack and control her desire for a forbidden Were whose call grows stronger every day.

Sylvan, driven by primal instincts to protect her pregnant mate, grows more powerful, and more deadly, than any Alpha Were in centuries. While Sylvan rallies her allies, Vampire and human, to fight extremists, radical groups, and members of their own Praetern coalition in a war to preserve the autonomy of all Praetern species, Niki fights a private battle with her own dark urges—a battle which, if lost, will cost her everything.”

This is the third book in the Midnight Hunters series and the action picks up right where the last one finished off. In fact, when I started reading Night Hunt it took me a moment to remember where the last story ended but I was quickly back up to speed and fully absorbed in the story. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the relationship between Sylvan, the Alpha Were, and her mate Drake continue to be the central characters in the story. However, Radclyffe/Raand continues to work her magic in both how she develops the ongoing plot and the supporting characters. At this point there are interesting hints of what might come for some of the supporting characters which I find incredibly intriguing and makes me wish Radclyffe would ignore everything else and write faster. Then again I wish that from all the authors I enjoy.
At this point I’m taking a guess that we will definitely be seeing more from Lara the Were/Vampire and her abilities. I’m also intrigued by what may take place with Katya and Michel and I am really enjoying the tentative alliance between Sylvan’s Werewolves and Jodi’s Vampires. I can’t wait to see what the outcome of the upcoming confrontation will bring next.

If you like well written paranormal/romance this series is excellent
The Midnight Hunt #1
Blood Hunt #2
Night Hunt #3