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Snowbound - Cari Hunter First let me admit that I had been avoiding this book. I’ve read the book description a couple of times and it’s never really grabbed me. Then I hit period where the books I’ve been attempting to read just haven’t been keeping my attention so I took a break, but the online book group I am a member of selected this as the May book. Yet, I still wasn’t thrilled. Let me openly apologize to the author now:
Dear Cari,

Snowbound was an excellent debut book. I downloaded the book Sunday night, couldn’t put it down and finished it Monday Morning before I had to go to work. I’m fairly certain I can give you credit for getting me out of my reading slump. Thank you, especially since watching TV in German is not really an option.


CAB - a new fan
There were even times when I found myself laughing out loud at some of the dialog between Sam and Kate. Apparently fighting to stay alive can result in some witty repartee between characters. Well, that or I just find certain strange situations amusing. Regardless I really enjoyed the book and I’m hoping to see what comes next for this author.