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The Dark Wife

The Dark Wife - Sarah Diemer I have always been a sucker for fairytales and myths I consider myself doubly lucky that “The Dark Wife” is a retelling of the mythical story of Persephone and Hades with a romantic twist. Certainly I could say that it was a lesbian twist but I think qualifying this story as a lesbian retelling would not do the story justice especially because I think anyone who enjoys myths and fairytales would also enjoy this story.

The story is told from Persephone’s perspective. Her life has been idyllic, until Zeus rapes and kills her lover. As if that is not horrific enough she quickly finds out that Zeus has set his sights on her. As Persephone contemplates all of this she says: “In a life of no choices, this one brash act could set me on a path toward the freedom I longed for more than anything else on – or above – the earth.” For me, this line summarizes the Persephone’s story. Can she “Rebel” and set her own course in life.

This was a well written, engaging story.