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Dark Wings Descending

Dark Wings Descending - Lesley Davis I really enjoyed this book and the author had me sucked into the story almost immediately. We meet both Ashley Scott and Rafe at the most recent murder scene of a serial killer and I found myself intrigued by both Ashley and Rafe. I especially liked how the author, Lesley Davis, introduces the reader to Rafe. She, hobbles into the murder scene still recovering from injuries sustained in another police incident.

I did struggle in the 1st few paragraph’s trying to keep straight that we were seeing the murder scene through Ashley Scott’s eyes, but people on the scene were referring to her as “Jim”. As a result, I found myself re-reading the 1st few paragraphs because I thought I missed something. My advice, plug along it clears up quickly.

Definitely a fun murder mystery; well if murder can be fun.