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The River Within

The River Within - Baxter Clare Trautman This was a fascinating story where we get to see 3 different women dealing with their own emotional and psychological crisis and the lies they hide behind. What’s really interesting is that the lies are really the ones that they tell themselves: Darlene and her son’s death; Greer and her career and who she has become; Kate hiding who she is and what she wants in an effort to make everyone else happy.

One of the most powerful scenes for me was when Darlene kills the Blue Jay who tried to steal the chick. I was horrified at the visual it created but at the same time it fit perfectly into the turmoil that is Darlene’s life. I also found it interesting that her daughter Kate appears to be looking for that same blue jay in the next several chapters. I’m not sure what that symbolism represented but to me it felt like it just represented everything that was wrong in Darleen and Kate’s life at that moment.

Then there is Greer, the war correspondent who seems so lost and I kept waiting for her to do something drastic to ease her own pain and guilt over the death of Sigrid. I also found myself feeling bad for her because it felt like she was so alone and really needed Darleen, who was just too caught up in her own issues to be emotionally available.

This was well worth the read.