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Backwards to Oregon

Backwards to Oregon - Jae I really loved this story which is unusually because I’m not a huge fan of historical era type stories, but I loved the characters Luke and Nora and I find myself wanting to re-read the story. I can count on one hand the stories I’ve wanted to read again.
The story takes place in the 1850’s and Luke is a woman passing as a man in part because the options for a single woman are get married and essentially be considered property or be a prostitute.

Luke and Nora get married as a type of business arrangement, but of course nothing is ever really that straight forward. Especially when Nora is unaware that Luke is really a woman. As they head off to Oregon to start a new life they encounter a variety of obstacles which test they relationship and their courage.

I had some very visceral reactions to a number of the characters in this story and thank goodness that they are fictional because I really hated Bill Larson of course then Broderick Cowen shows up and I realize I only detest Bill. Both of these detestable characters offer in interesting insight into the personalities of both Nora and Luke so despite hating them, they add value to the plot.
There is also a specific scene in the story that I keep finding myself drawn back to where Luke has professed his love for Nora and when Nora can’t accept that, you see Luke mentally berate himself because he feels so unworthy of someone actually loving him.

Now I find myself compelled to read the sequel “Hidden Truths” because I want to know what happens next.