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Hidden Truths

Hidden Truths - Jae Hidden Truths is the sequel to Backwards To Oregon and is set 17 years in the future. The primary focus is really on Amy with Luke and Nora play key roles but still a backdrop to the character development of the daughter.

I enjoyed this story and the continued development of the characters but I was not as invested as I was in the first story. I think this was in part because I understood what was happening with Amy from the onset and was more easily able to anticipate what would happen next. Although, there were a few moments when I expected there to be larger ramifications for people’s actions but the fact that I was wrong didn’t detract from the story.

I will say this is not a story you should read out of sequence. It’s not so much that you can’t but I think it makes the characters more interesting to know their history. If you like the characters of Luke and Nora I would definitely recommend reading this one as well.