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Keepers of the Cave

Keepers of the Cave - Gerri Hill I’ve read most, if not all of Gerri Hill’s books and I have to say from the very beginning this is NOT a typical “fluffy” Gerri Hill story. It feels grittier, edgier, and it’s definitely creepy. My usual modus operandi is to read a Gerri Hill in one or two sittings. In part because they tend to be light, easy, enjoyable reads. This one took me a few days, not because it was less enjoyable but because it required more active participation on my part to track the story; which means I had to think while reading. I do think that Gerri Hill managed to keep enough "romance" in the story to keep the die hard romance readers happy and it was intermingled in nicely with the weirdness going on in Hoganville.

If you are going to get hung up on the weirdness of the things that happen in the story and whether they could be real or not, maybe this isn’t the story for you… BUT if you like a creepy mystery with creepy people, which I do, then this is definitely a nice change of pace.

I actually hope we see some more of Paige and CJ.