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Rhapsody - K.G. MacGregor Ashley Giraud lives her entire life by a set of incredibly strict rules that give her the ability to control every aspect of her life, or at least the illusion of control. Her need for such extreme control stems from her childhood experiences.

The book goes into enough detail to know that Ashley was sexually abused as a young girl by a woman she trusted and in a juvenile way believed she loved. The book does not go into graphic detail describing the abuse, for which I am thankful, but it allows the reader enough insight to fully grasp the situation.

Needless to say Ashley’s life revolves around controlling her inner demons and insolating herself from the world. Which is funny since she has a career which makes her a public figure, but we quickly learn that being a public figure works perfectly into the rules she lives by and the persona she wants to portray and never really allowing anyone to see the real person.

There were points in this story where I wondered if Ashley even knew who the “real” Ashley is.

Early in the story Ashley meets Julia, who I will say has the patience and understanding of a Saint. I have to admit, that sometimes her level of understanding and patience irked me but then again I have the patience of a gnat.

The story is written in a way where it seems to make small leaps forward in time and this actually works well for the overall story because lord knows the book would be the size of War and Peace if it documented every aspect of Ashley and Julia’s journey.

Here’s the one thing that disappointed me with the story. It felt like it just ended. KG MacGregor gave an ending that allows the reader to assume things continued to progress in a positive manner but it left me wanting to know definitively that Ashely and Julia had worked through the last major stepping stone in their relationship; which, as I type this, makes me realize that I was more invested in the characters than I originally thought.