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The Killing Ground

The Killing Ground - Syd Parker The story opens immediately with the killer attacking his next victim, who we quickly learn is the wife/partner of the FBI Assistant Director in Charge. Needless to say this results in a very specific and personal interest in having this case resolved as quickly as possible with Special Agent Jordan Gray and her partner being asked to work the case “off the books” because the FBI doesn’t have any specific jurisdiction.
I enjoyed the story but there were a few moments where the story felt a little disjointed, where I actually stopped reading and tried to figure out how we got from point A to point C. I was able to move on from it, but it happened enough that it stuck with me. The only other thing I was disappointed with was the use of certain language when describing the sex scenes.

This is really a personal preference, but I find that when authors/characters use certain phrases it comes across, in my opinion, as if a male porn star were talking. Again, for me, this detracts from the overall story. Then again, I know there are lots of people who would be un-phased.

If Syd Parker comes out with another “Foxx Files Thriller” I would give that one a try because I liked both Jordan and Rebecca, there characters have lot of potential, and I’d like to see what comes of them.