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Sometime Yesterday

Sometime Yesterday - Yvonne Heidt First let me just say that I did enjoy this book and I will look to read other items by Yvonne Heidt. I think it’s just unfortunate happenstance that just finished reading “Whispering Pines by Mavis Applewater which had an almost identical premise; Haunted house, sisters-in-law who are lovers, evil husband, death/murder… well you get the point. So although Sometime Yesterday was a good read and enjoyable, I somehow felt that it was a lite version of Whispering Pines. I also know that if I had read them in the reverse order I’d be saying “Sometime Yesterday” was a fun beach read. Surprisingly I didn’t find Van that interesting but I was intrigued by Natalie and her Mom and I would love to see a follow up that developed both Natalie and Mom. I admit it, I want to know where here art work is going next.