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After Mrs Hamilton

After Mrs Hamilton - Clare  Ashton This is the second book that I have read written by Clare Ashton and I was not disappointed.

This story which is really two possible three stories that are interrelated, are an amazing example of how people’s lives intersect and the far reaching ripple effect actions and decisions can have. The main characters are Clo, Laura and Susan. I found Laura and Susan’s stories interesting primarily in how it related to Clo. Ultimately, for me the most interesting storyline was Clo’s it was both compelling and often gut wrenching.

At one point there was a sentence that described Clo’s state of mine after a particularly difficult scene: “She was revolted by her own body and hunched her shoulders around her head, and wished she could shake it off and shed the repellent skin.”

There were so many moments in this story where I was able to relate to Clo’s state of mind that I felt compelled to finish the story while hoping throughout that there would be a happy ending for her. This was a very good read.