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The Real Folktale Blues

The Real Folktale Blues - Random Jordan It’s been a long time since I have found myself smiling through an entire book but that is exactly what I found myself doing while reading this one. This is the debut book from Random Jordan and she weaves an interesting tale full of childhood fairytale characters. Now don’t run off thinking this is a children’s book or even a fairytale. The reader is introduced to the person behind the legend and it’s fairly clear that the legend is not the person. Rather a small aspect of that person. In some ways it reminded me of the labels we tend to affix to people and how that label becomes the defining characteristic for that person, whether it’s accurate of not.

The story itself is fairly complex and introduces the reader through a variety of characters while Gnidori is trying to determine who has stolen her cloak and seems intent on killing her. There are a couple of places in the story that get a bit confusing because there is an element of time travel. However, I found that it was cleared up fairly quickly. I’ll be interested to see what happens next for Gnidori, Ash, Etti and the rest of the crew. Overall I found this story intriguing and fun to read.