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Life Rewired

Life Rewired - Lynn Galli Update: I went back and reread this right after I completed reading the prior story. As a result, I enjoyed it more than I had last time. It's still not one of my favorites but I was better engaged

I've read most of not all of Lynn Galli's books and typically I enjoy them. They are easy and engaging reads. This story was also easy and engaging, however, I personally didn't feel as engaged with either of the main characters Molly or Falyn. It's possible that was because it's been so long since I read the other stories that I found myself trying to place the other characters into context (Glory, Vivian, Mei etc) and in this instance it was a distraction (for me) from the main story. On the bright side it's made me want to go back and re-read "Mending Defects".

Overall this was a pleasant read but I didn't feel like it was as strong as plot as "Mending Defects" or "Blessed Twice"