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A Diary of Healing

A Diary of Healing - Mary Ann Wasil Let me issue a brief warning, if you do decide to read this book be sure that you don’t have anything planned for a couple of hours because you will not be able to put it down. I started reading this last night and knew I was in trouble when I page 8 I encountered the following conversation between Mary Ann and the surgeon who was scheduled to do her biopsy. The surgeon was suggesting a needle biopsy by Mary Ann wanted a surgical biopsy.

“He told me that I would have a scar on my breast.
I told him I was more concerned about the stray cell than the scarred breast.
Then he told me that it doesn’t work that way, and besides, he was sure it wasn’t going to be malignant.
I asked him if he would be willing to bet his testicles on that.”

My first reaction to that was to burst out laughing. My second was to think: “OMG if only all women could be so confident in what they want when talking to physicians.” That includes me. I knew from that point forward I was not going to be able to put this down.

Throughout her story there are snippets similar to this one. That’s not to say that her battle isn’t or wasn’t heart wrenching but she faced/faces it with a grace that I would hope we could all learn from. There were several ah-ha moments in her story that I hope I will keep with me should I ever face a battle of cancer as either the patient or in a role of support.

The book is witty, heartfelt and well written. I’m actually sorry we did not buy extra copies to give to some of our friends, especially those I know who have already gone through breast cancer because I can’t imagine that they won’t be able to relate to this story. I would highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to women, regardless of if they have had breast cancer or not.