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Worth The Read

A Kind of Justice - Renee James

This was the second in a series and despite not having read the first, I really enjoyed this one. The story flowed well and I was sucked in from the very beginning. All of the characters were flawed in one way or another and that made them feel real.

Overall, I was impressed with the flow of the story and the characters themselves. I will definitely keep an eye out for new stories coming from Renee James.

For a more detailed review go to http://reviews.c-spot.net/archives/5754

The Awkwardness of Audible Romance Books

So this weekend L and I drove to Virginia and we listed to V.K. Powell's "About Face" on Audible. Oddly enough, I enjoyed this as an audible a bit more than I did when I read it.  Ok, fine when I read it with my eyes, I didn't post a review and I said "it was fine."  As an audible I liked it but also came to the following conclusion:  

"CAB, you're banned from reading or listening to romance novels for the foreseeable future... maybe forever."

Why you may ask? I'm jaded, I'm jaded and cynical and I liked the plot but got all hung up on the language.   Lately, I always get hung up in the language.  Who talks to the woman they love like characters do in a romance novel?  "My Love, I need you right now, shove your hands down my pants."  Fine I made that last bit up, but all the "My Love" this and "My Love" that is just too much for me.

I did discover that I can read a sex scene and not be embarrassed or horrified.  LISTENING to someone else NARRATE a sex scene.  Um, no.  I was blushing while driving and finally just started hitting the 30 second forward button. L actually asked what I was doing.  I think I said "I can't drive and listen to this."  So add prude to my list.  I really had no idea how awkward that could be but it took on an entirely different  dimension and I felt like I was listening to a bad porno.  BTW this is all me, the narrator did a fine job, but if I ever meet the narrator I want to ask how on earth she manages not to giggle with the dialogue and/or the descriptions of what is going on.  That or maybe the publisher should put together a blooper reel.  I'd listen to that. 


Imperfect Truth - C.A. Popovich

Slow Slow Slow... stab myself in the eye with a sharp stick slow.


Moral Defense (Samantha Brinkman Book 2) - Marcia Clark

A while back I came across one of Marcia Clark's books when I was wandering the bookstore and I was intrigued that the former prosecutor had made a career change to crime author. Then I was given the opportunity to pick up "Moral Defense" from the publisher in exchange for an honest review; I jumped at the chance.


This is the second in the series and I admit to not having read the first. That being said, I didn't feel like I was missing anything terribly critical as it specifically related to the crime in this case. The author, also managed to give enough background around the main characters where , as the reader, I understood some of the nuances that were mentioned from the past without feeling lost. Admittedly, I did miss out on some character development especially as it relates to the relationship between Sam and Dale.


This is one of the few times where I can say, I enjoyed the book and the storytelling but I really don't particularly like the main character, at all. She's a defense attorney who has a seriously warped moral code. It's made clear very early that she's involved in some shady business meting out her own brand of justice. Which seems to involve getting people killed, but only if they really deserve it. I think the main reason I don't like her is because she's not a caricature like "Dexter". She could be a real person and that's as disturbing as the main crime.


I'd give this 3 1/2 stars and although I don't feel a need to read the first in the series, I anticipate that I will read the next one just to see where it goes.

The Girl in the Ice: A gripping serial killer thriller (Detective Erika Foster crime thriller novel Book 1) - Robert Bryndza

I'd actually give this book 3 1/2 stars. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and I found the crime itself intriguing. The problem for me was that I felt like I missed something vital about the main character that was never really explained. Instead of being the first in the series this in many ways felt like a follow-up in relation to Erika. To date I'm undecided as to if I will continue the series


3 1/2 Stars for the 1st in the series

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

I would actually rate this 3 1/2 stars. I enjoyed the book and interestingly I liked the POV and how the author handled the narration. The main character spends a great deal of time talking to herself (even when she is speaking with someone) or writing her thoughts down. I liked seeing the self-editing that went on in her head.
I would definately describe this as a dystopia storyline although, the entire book centers around Juliette and her inability to touch people without risking killing them.

The entire story I keep waiting for the big betrayal and was gratified that it did not come. Somehow I think that would have ruined it for me. Although the suspense kept me engaged

(show spoiler)

This is a multiple book story but I found the ending of part 1 was handled in a way that did not frustrate me as a reader. That being said and despite liking the story I'm not sure I would continue on to read the second in the series

Abandoned, Life is Too Short With So Many other Books on my To Read

Burning Desire - Rachel Maldonado

I have a burning desire to abandon this book, and since life is too short and my to read list is to long, I am walking away. I made it to the 15% mark and had already said to myself "who talks this way?" one to many times. Seriously, Candi gets pulled from a fire by Suzanne and later that same day they are best buds. I don't care how traumatic the experience no one is going to be thinking about how "glad they are to have a friend so far from home" about a total stranger (10%)

Now, having said this, I suspect that if I was new to the lesbian genre I'd have read this entire story and enjoyed it; plus it was free on Kindle Unlimited. So hey, if you're new to reading lesbian stories, enjoy have fun. I'm sure this writer will get better with time.

Another Winner from Georgia Beers

Run To You (Puppy Love Romance #2) - Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers definately did not let me down with this story. I found myself with this crazy smirk/grin throughout the entire story. I'm fairly certain that grin started with the phrase at the very end of chapter one "Snarky Gay Man was going to be so proud of her." The dialogue, whether internal or with another character just kept me engaged throughout. I'll admit that I liked Catherine's character in the 1st book but as a main character and combined with Emily Breckenridge's character just really made this enjoyable. So much so I am considering going back to re-read the 1st "Rescued Heart."

As a side note: I'd also like to be a fly on the wall for Easter dinner. That and someone really should punch Clark in the srotum. Oddly enough, I dislike him but he was written in a way that if he were to be the main character in a story, one where he gets his act together, I would read that too.


Can't wait for the next one, here's to hoping Jessica finds love

Reading progress update: I've read 51%.

Don't Breathe a Word: A Novel - Jennifer McMahon

I'm enjoying the plot, but it's really a strange storyline and I'm finding myself wishing it would pick up the pace

Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

Don't Breathe a Word: A Novel - Jennifer McMahon

Hmmmm... I'm undecided on my feelings 

Looking Forward to the Next in the Series

Welcome to the Wallops - Gill McKnight

I picked this up based on the reviews of a couple of my friends.  I don't know that I would call this a "Romance" it felt more like a well written general fiction that threw a bit of romance into it.  Do you know what I loved about this? The language, I really liked that the author did not Americanize the conversations.  It made it more fun for me.  I'll admit that the main character "Jane" was a little flat for me.  I started out liking her and being interested in the character but then she seemed to move into the background. By that I mean, I didn't have strong feelings one way of the other for her.  Heck, sometimes her dog was more interesting.  Fortunately, the other characters were interesting and funny.   I especially liked Renata, Wendy, and Amanda.  Wendy was clueless in a weirdly endearing way and Renata quickly went from bitchy to interesting and engaging.  I'm pretty certain I'll be reading the next one "Wendy in Wallops"

Midevil Knights and Things That Go Bumb in the Night

Abomination - Gary Whitta

For the life of me this took so long for me to read I can't remember what drew me to it in the 1st place.  The premis is that "priest" in the service of the King is attempting to create an army of killing machines.  Except to do this he uses some serios black magic and turns unwilling men into "Abominations."


This is not what I would classify as an easy beach read, those for me tend to be light reading and this story was fairly detailed and a little slow paced at the beginning.  It held my attention through the 1st 30% but then I found myself struggling to stay enagaged so I put the book down for several months.  Later I picked it back up, because this was not a book I hated and wanted to just abandon.  Needless to say I am happy I did, because the story got much more engaging at the 50% mark and then I found I really wanted to see how it ended.

Reading progress update: I've read 85%.

Abomination - Gary Whitta

The 2nd 1/2 of this book is more interesting than the 1st for me

Reading progress update: I've read 57%.

Abomination - Gary Whitta

I decided to pick this back up after leaving it quite awhile.  Thus far I'm glad I did

Typical Fun Romance

Firework - Melissa Brayden

This was a nice easy light read.  The typical romance novel; girl meets girl, girls start to date, girls have a heartbreaking misunderstanding, girls make up and live happily ever after.  Everything you could want in a beach read after reading a horrific grisly crime novel

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Firework - Melissa Brayden